The Ascendency of the Poets

An episode in which Ryler Dustin, Malcolm Kenyon, and Anna Wolff are introduced; Adrienne captures their fugitive images as proof of their unblurred beings; plaster sifts from the ceiling at the timbre of their voices and stones are riven by their merest bidding; a plea is made to visit them and others at; a good night is had by the pilgrims who follow their progress; and all who listen are invited to chew, yes chew, on some poetry. (Post poetry: An account was rendered of street urchins electrified, but you’ll have to tune in for a later episode to hear the details of this, as I am too busy at the moment combing the sodden streets of Philadelphia seaching for the shadow of the ghost of Benjamin Franklin for amplification on this topic. Adrienne and I also want to explore the question of why bikers, grown men and women leathered as cows and fringed as cedars, must cluster together in groups when they travel, like packs of middle school girls on their way to the bathroom.)


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