The Genesis of Average Mortal Radio

Once upon a time, there was long ago and far away, but for now, there’s Average Mortal Radio. Average Mortal Radio is a bold experiment in bringing the engineering creativity of radio throughout the ages into the lives of an anachronistically contemporary couple. Though living primitively among the twitchy squirrels and furtive chipmunks of the cedar grove their cabin occupies, they pine for the bygone glorious era of the airwaves–a time when pioneers and gunslingers, knights and dinosaurs, and strolling minstrels and astronauts all lived the spectacle and magic that were the Golden Days of Radio. We’d also wanted to include Eskimos in here somewhere and I’d promised Jim Horton that I’d mention what is commonly and by consent called his wild sex engine, but I ran out of room. So we’ll leave it to you, dear listener, to include these things wherever you see fit.